about the progressive faculty network

Statement of principles

The Progressive Faculty Network (PFN), which brings together faculty from all colleges and schools at UNC-CH, works to further the causes of economic and social justice.  Using our positions as faculty, we participate in ongoing debates about issues concerning our university (for example, the increasing privatization of public institutions), our students (access, diversity, and political expression), and our community (staff salaries and working conditions).  The PFN also addresses issues that extend beyond campus by articulating positions to be circulated by the press or by electronic means and by supporting work that addresses social, political, and ethical concerns.  Committed to the vision of a public university that makes education available to all people and remains vitally connected to their needs, we are a clearinghouse for information, a body for collaborative work, and a collective voice.  Our ultimate goal is to create a just university at which we are proud to work and a just society in which we are proud to live.


Barbara Anderson, Cemil Aydin, Trude Bennett (emerita), Susan Bickford, Judith Blau (emerita), Karen Booth, Lydia Boyd, Kathryn Burns, Emily Burrill, Richard Cante, Neal Caren, Marta Civil, Pam Cooper, Renee Alexander Craft, Altha Cravey, Carole Crumley, Elyse Crystall, Mark Driscoll, Maria DeGuzman, Andrew Edmonds, Maxine Eichner, Arturo Escobar, Beth Grabowski, Lawrence Grossberg, Minrose Gwin, Karen Hagemann, Perry Hall, Rob Hamilton, Joanne Hershfield (emerita), Glenn Hinson, Jennifer Ho, Scott Kirsch, Sherryl Kleinman, Beth Kurtz-Costes, Richard Langston, Jennifer Leeman, John McGowan, Victor Marshall, Megan Matchinske, Charles Mitchell, Chris Nelson, George W. Noblit, Don Nonini, Barbara Osborne, Michal Osterweil, Michael Palm, Patricia S. Parker, Andrew Perrin, David Pier, Julius Raper, David Richardson, Michelle Rivkin-Fish, Paul T. Roberge, Michelle Robinson, Dwight Rogers, Patricia E. Sawin, Sarah Shields, Tanya Shields, elin O’Hara slavick, Jay Smith, Sara H. Smith, Chad A. Stevens, Lynda Stone, Deborah Stroman, Meenu Tewari, James Thompson, Jina Valentine, Ariana Vigil, Eric Watts, Jonathan Weiler, Kristin Wilson, Steve Wing (we miss you), Cathy Zimmer